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Happy New Year!

Dear North Sea Ring friends

First, we will wish you all a really happy and successful 2015!

After our NRS-start up meeting in Portsoy we have formed an administration “core-group” for the NSR network. This group consist of Rhys Evans (HLB – Norwegian University College for Agriculture and Rural Development ), Roger Goodyear (Scottish Traditional Boat Festival), Carla Angus (Scottish Traditional Boat Festival) and Anders Bolmstedt (FAB, Föreningen Allmogebåtar, Sweden).

The ambition is that the group will act as a hub for the network by administer member lists, contact information, the NSR web-site, Facebook account and also look for possible future founding for NSR.

Please visit our web-site: and Facebook:

Many of you have ‘liked’ our Facebook page. However, to keep the NSR network active we strongly encourage you to use Facebook to post and share news, plans, questions, information about local activities or other information you want to share with others within NSR. Please also promote the page to your own networks. Together we can create a bit of a buzz around the Ring!

If you want to publish information and photos on the website, email this to Carla Angus: or Anders Bolmstedt:

We look forward to an interesting and cooperative 2015.