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North Sea Conference – will you be there?

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It’s recently come to our attention that The North Sea Region Programme will be hosting the North Sea Conference,  June 16th-18th this year. Taking place in Assen, Netherlands, the organisers say -

“the focus of the conference will be on exploring ideas, building projects and forging alliances for politicians and project developers.

Together we hope to inspire, motivate, innovate and create. In keeping with this spirit, the North Sea Conference 2015 will be a little different from previous conferences:

  • The study tours will be extended (from 8.30-14.00) and will include workshops and more opportunities for interactive participation than in previous years. 

  • The traditional exhibition will be transformed into ‘the North Sea Experience’, where knowledge institutions and companies can present and exhibit the role they can play in upcoming projects for the 2014 – 2020 programme. “

We’re hoping that our own North Sea Ring can have a presence at the conference to make more connections and promote our joint interests, and will let you know if this becomes a possibility. But in the meantime, if you or your organisation are already planning to travel to Assen, please get in touch!